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Performance assessments

Performance assessment is a key tool in people management. It provides clarity to meet new challenges and lets us know which competencies should be improved.

This process is highly relevant to us and creates the basis for professional performance management. It consists of some of the following critical points:

  1. Aligning expectations, goals and required competencies.
  2. Monitoring with constant feedback.
  3. Self-assessment + assessment of the leader + calibration meeting with HR.
  4. Feedback and annual development plan.

We developed this tool with our leaders, and we think it is a fundamental input for developing the annual training plan. 360° Feedback aims to improve the feedback process and involve many people in the procedure (direct leader, indirect leader, colleague, team, internal customer). This type of feedback has the following objectives:

  1. Communicating and raising awareness of the perception of the rest of the team members.
  2. Focusing on the necessary changes to continue improving.
  3. Informing about the strengths, to enhance them.
  4. Being an opportunity to calmly examine the feedback.

We promote a positive attitude and the opportunity to be the protagonist of one's own development.