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Ethics and compliance

Trust, Transparency, Efficiency, Innovation, Sustainability and Safety are the values that guide our operations.
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Mariano Bosch

CEO & Co-Founder

“We believe that it is possible to develop a more sustainable world with people who have better access to healthy food and efficient renewable energy. In doing so, we must always seek a balance with the environment, the development of local communities, and care for the health and safety of our people, especially in this particular and sensitive moment we are currently undergoing. We translate this vision into action through a sustainable development model focused on people.”

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct sets out the ethics and compliance standards that all directors, executives, and employees of Adecoagro should comply with. We also invite our suppliers and contractors to follow these same guidelines when complying with their contractual obligations.

100% of Adecoagro's employees were informed about and trained on anti-corruption topics.

Guidelines included in our Code

  • U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Policy to report suspected incidents involving inaccurate financial information or fraud.
  • Policy to report Code violations.
  • Policy on privileged information.
  • Policy on confidential information.

Compliance with the Code

We offer our employees inquiry and reporting channels, including email and telephone contacts, available in the local language of each country 24 hours a day. All inquiries and reports made are confidential and anonymous. The director of Compliance is responsible for receiving any report of violation, whether known or suspected, of laws, government regulations, or the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct by directors, executives, and employees.

We believe that complying with the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is as important as being efficient in our production model. This translates into better operating results, generating greater value for our shareholders.


of directors and employees trained in anti-corruption policies and procedures.


of our directors and employees have adhered to the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.


of our communities covered by the inquiry management procedure.