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Professional Internships

80 professional training programs and internships in our operations.

Our program aims to train young talents, encouraging them to be protagonists and to be able to develop their entrepreneurial spirit.

Dos jovenes sonriendo en adecoagro

With these professional training programs and internships, we manage to offer concrete opportunities to young people from our community who want to have their first professional experience. We make sure that our proposal is based on constant learning and on the exchange with different professionals of our team, and that young people can develop a business vision.

It is very motivating for us to receive young people who, with their talent, bring us diverse and innovative ideas. We know that it is important to accompany them when they join the company so that they can adapt to a new environment. That is the reason why we have designed this experience with a close month-to-month follow-up. The results of recent years show that many of these young people then want to join the team permanently.

In 2021, 60% of them stayed in a permanent job position.