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People are at the center of our business. From there, we provide training and development opportunities to our employees so that they can grow and thrive along with Adecoagro's challenges.

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hours of training in 2021

Professional Development

Our Professional Development Program offers different job training and advanced training courses, both to our employees and to potential professionals.

Among the courses we offer, both in person and virtually and through our e-learning platform, we have included the development of management tools and technical skills necessary to undertake different roles in our operations. For example, to polish the skills to carry out sowing and harvesting tasks properly in our fields, elaboration processes in our industries, safety, quality and environmental work, administrative services, culture, and values, etc.

Training of Leaders

We are convinced that the training of leaders is a key factor so that each one can be an agent of change in our work teams. We seek to build diverse teams wishing to work in a dynamic and continuous improvement environment, and in which the values of Adecoagro prevail. Leaders play an essential role in achieving this goal.

Based on our 360° assessments, we detected the need to provide intensive training in Communication and Leadership to our leaders. With such training of leaders, we seek to strengthen leadership skills to create, align and motivate their teams in a context of change. Leader training helps consolidate the necessary skills to build and develop high-performance teams.

Grupo de adultos en aula


leaders trained in Communication and Leadership