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Water management

With Zero Level irrigation technology we reduce our water consumption by 30%.
Pendiente controlada para riego

Efficient irrigation

Irrigation is the critical factor in rice cultivation. That is why we focus on the care of water use.

We develop Zero Level or Controlled Slope technology to be more efficient in the use of water.

Hombres mostrando gráficos

Management technologies

We use drones, sensors, satellite imagery and digital platforms for a more efficient and sustainable irrigation management.

We have implemented electronic sheet sensors, which show us in real time the level of the water sheet, thus achieving better management of the resource.

First estimates of
Water Footprint

We have calculated Water Footprint based on the Water Footprint Network (WFP) methodology in one of our fields.

We have obtained a footprint of 1.48 m3 of water per kg of rice produced, in line with our usual estimates.