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Energy management

Ícono de gestión de energía
+ 90%

of the energy we consume comes from renewable sources and is self-generated by Adecoagro

In addition to the energy generated in our biodigesters, we are continuously undertaking actions and initiatives to increase the energy efficiency of our operations. Hence, we reduce the internal energy consumption of our operations.

See some cases of technological efficiencies in the industry:

Adecoagro Energy Intensity

(total energy consumption /food production – GJ/Tn)







Planta de morteros

Natural Gas in
Morteros Plant

The installation of natural gas at the Morteros Plant made it possible to eliminate the consumption of fuel oil. This change of fuel for the boilers and the thermal fluid furnace generated a 22 % YoY reduction in energy consumption (GJ/m3 processed). At the same time, we achieved a year-on-year 36% reduction in GHG emissions (tn CO2 eq) per each m3 produced.

Automated furnace
in Peanut Plant

We installed an automatic furnace that doubled the monthly capacity of blanched peanut processing. The automated system allows us to collect data on the incoming raw material and then provide the energy that is only necessary for the intended product. At the same time, we made changes that allowed us to improve the efficiency of the furnace we already had. Thus, in addition to doubling production, we were able to reduce energy consumption per ton produced by 49% YoY.

Horno automatizado
en Planta de Maní
Planta de girasol

Environmental efficiency
in Sunflower Plant

We have incorporated a Bulgarian shelling line in our Sunflower Plant to replace the previous one. With its higher performance, this technology has achieved improvements in production and reductions in energy consumption. This environmental efficiency is achieved because no cyclones are required in the aspiration system, and because the modernization of the engines requires less energy demand. Thus, we have been able to reduce the energy consumption of the shelling line by 44% per hour.

Biogas & biomethane
Solar panels