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Responsible use of phytosanitary products


hectares with selective application

Drones de riego

In 2021, we incorporated selective application technology in more than 20,000 hectares. The software of this technology is able to detect the location of weeds within the lot and to apply the product only in that place. In this way, we can reduce the use of herbicides up to 80 % with respect to their conventional use (we avoid the use of 150,000 liters per year).

We have also decided to monitor the "Environmental Impact Quotient" indicator, which allows us to assess the potential risk of phytosanitary products application and the impact caused by them. The applicable methodology for determining this Quotient uses toxicological data and information on chemical parameters to calculate the risk to farmers, consumers and living organisms in the environment.

We use biotechnology and some agronomic practices as key allies in reducing the use of phytosanitary products. We have professional teams that are constantly trained in crop management.

We constantly test different technologies, and we especially promote and support the development of AgTech.