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Local development

We believe in the power of each community in which we are present. Thus, we promote the development of our communities by actively participating in the integration of public entities, private entities, and NGOs.

We collaborate with social organizations, kindergartens, hospitals, community kitchens, schools, health centers, the fire department, and the police. At Adecoagro, we focus on sustaining our support to all the communities and deepening our assistance in all our locations. We maintain a fluid relationship throughout the year. And this direct communication allows us to identify the needs of the communities, act together with them, and establish alliances to achieve common goals.

Grupo de personas junto a bomberos voluntarios, de fondo camion de bomberos
Take a look at some of our latest actions:

Installation of a drinking water network in Corrientes.

Sponsorships to support social demands in the communities of Ivinhema, Angélica and Monte Alegre.

Renovation of school buildings in different communities from the interior of the country.

Voltage regulators to benefit communities in the south of Santa Fe.

A new fire truck in Entre Ríos

Mujer con niño en brazos

Matching Program

The aim of the program is to increase the volume of voluntary donations made by our employees to different social organizations: Adecoagro donates ARS 2 per each ARS 1 that any employee donates to a participating NGO, tripling contributions in this way.

Check out some of the organizations that benefit from our program: