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Identified species

Camera traps are useful tools that allow us to confirm the presence of species in specific areas. Not only do they allow us to know times and dates, but we can also confirm the presence of species at the top of the food chain.

During our surveys in Argentina, we have recorded eight species of birds that define Critical Habitat:

  • Crowned eagle (buteogallus coronatus)
  • Yellow cardinal (gubernatrix cristata)
  • Grey-and-chestnut seedeater (sporophila hypochroma)
  • Marsh seedeater (sporophila palustris)
  • Bare-faced curassow (crax fasciolata)
  • Dark-throated seedeater (sporophila ruficollis)
  • Bobolink (dolichonyx oryzivorus)
  • Bearded tachuri (polystictus pectoralis)

In addition, we have recorded five species of mammals and a reptile that define Critical Habitat:

  • Tapir (Tapirus terrestris)
  • Marsh deer (blastocerus dichotomus)
  • Ocelot (leopardus pardalis)
  • Collared peccary (tayassu tajacu)
  • Maned wolf (chrysocyon brachyurus)
  • Argentine boa (boa constrictor occidentalis)
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